Importing email addresses to SmarterMail email list

Step 1:  Create a file in proper format

You need to create a simple text file with one email address per line, and the very first line of the file should say “EmailAddress” (no quotes).  There should be no spaces or tabs on each line – just an email address.  There should be no blank lines, anywhere in the file, beginning or end.  Maximum file size: 5120 KB.  Save the file as “import.csv”.

Step 2:  Upload to your mailing list

Webmail à Settings Icon (top menu) à Domain Settings folder (left sidebar) à Mailing Lists folder à Click on “mailing lists”

After clicking on Mailing Lists, you’ll get a list of all your mailing lists.  Double-click the list where you want to import your list.  Above the tabs is an icon that says “Subscribers”.  Hover over that, and click on “subscribers” from the popup menu.

Once the list of subscribers appears, there’s an icon that says “upload”. Click that icon, and you’ll see a file browse field where you can choose the file you created in step 1.  After choosing your file, click “upload” and your list will be uploaded and imported into your mailing list.

Article ID: 17, Created On: 3/1/2010, Modified: 3/1/2010

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